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Enough with Reality! Avantgarde, Architecture, Revolution, 1968.

Avantgarde, Architektur, Revolution, 1968.

Landesgalerie Linz / 04. Oct. 2018 till 20. Jan. 2019


Enough with Reality!
Avantgarde, Architecture, Revolution, 1968.

Opening: Wednesday 3. Oktober 2018, 7 pm
Duration of the Exhibition: 4. October 2018 to 20. January 2019
Landesgalerie / 2. Stock

Enough with Reality! focuses on experimental tendencies in architecture in the 1960s, with a local emphasis on the developments within the cultural climate of the time in Upper Austria, as well as taking a look at international trends in the Neo-Avantgarde. Medial expansions of architecture towards pop and consumer culture, the breaking down of boundaries in aesthetic practices, and concepts and strategies for a transformation of society through architecture within the conceptual framework of a critique of consciousness represent the thematic core of the presentation. What sort of relationship do experimental architectural projects have with the “revolutionary spirit” of 1968? How aesthetic experience and political action interact, or if they do at all, is a question that is still highly relevant today, and a call for an enhanced reality.

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