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Biologiezentrum Linz

Gather knowledge – teach nature

Pursuant its motto “Gather knowledge – teach nature” the Biologie­zentrum Linz is dedicated to the collecting, preserving, researching, documenting, exhibiting and imparting of knowledge about the plant and animal world, rocks and minerals.

The greatest current challenge in this regard is the global biodiversity crisis. Researching nature to be able to protect it and raise awareness of nature are the logical reactions to this. Only natural history museums with their authentic objects make natural history scientifically objectively comprehensible. With its diverse programme offer the Biologiezentrum Linz facilitates an experience and enjoyment of nature through its exhibitions and events and the Ökopark. As a competency centre for natural history matters the Biologie­zentrum Linz is the platform and meeting place for the interested public and specialised scholars.

One or two special exhibitions on natural science topics are held in the Biologiezentrum Linz per year, which present a “window into science”. Every two years the Biologiezentrum Linz presents a special exhibition in the southern wing of Schlossmuseum Linz.


The natural history collections originate in the founding year of the OÖ Landesmuseum - 1833.

The early collection activities were focused on the idea of a "Noah’s Arch", the aim of the collections was above all based on practical elements and included parasites, weeds and abnormalities in nature.
It was not until later that the academic value of collections, including data on the specimens, was recognised.

In the 19th century voluntary collection curators attended to the expansion and preservation of the collections. The hiring of a qualified natural scientist (Dr Theodor Kerschner) in 1914 lay the cornerstone for professional collection management.

The division into several departments and the partitioning of the earth sciences was not completed until later years. The subsequent division of the biological collections into vertebrates on one hand and botany/invertebrates on the other was due to personnel reasons.

In 1974 the collection was split into botany/invertebrates, subsequently in 1992 the invertebrate collection was partitioned into entomology and invertebrate varia.

In 1993 the biological collections were relocated from Museumstrasse to the Biologiezentrum in Linz, which houses the scientific institutions of the departments for botany, zoology of vertebrate and invertebrate animals.

An additional field office, the Welser Strasse 20, 4060 Leonding office building, houses the geosciences collection. Parts of the natural science collection of the Landesmuseum can also be found in the permanent “Upper Austrian Nature” collection.

Whether it is in the natural history exhibitions in the Biologiezentrum or the biotopes of the Ökopark, nature facilitators want to gain access to nature and biology and encourage visitors’ independent investigations. The discourse and use of all of the senses are of particular importance here.

Cultural education programme for different target groups


Information and Registration

Tues - Fri from 9 am -1 pm


T +43 (0)732 7720 521 01

Das Biologiezentrum Linz beherbergt in seinen Räumen seit vielen Jahrzehnten eine Reihe naturkundlich spezialisierter Interessensgruppen, in Form von freiwilligen Mitarbeiter/innen, die am Ausbau der Sammlungen und an der Erforschung der regionalen und überregionalen naturkundlichen Fragestellungen mitwirken. Ihren Aktivitäten ist ein Gutteil der am Biologiezentrum Linz untergebrachten Sammlungen zu verdanken.

Arbeitsgemeinschaften Biologiezentrum Linz


The Biologiezentrum Linz is disabled accessible as follows:

  • Wheelchair accessible toilet on the ground floor
  • The exhibition area only has limited wheelchair access – there is no lift available!

Halbjahresprogramm Biologiezentrum Linz
Jänner bis Juni 2016

Biologiezentrum Linz
Jänner bis Juni 2016

Halbjahresprogramm Biologiezentrum Linz
Juli bis Dezember 2016

Biologiezentrum Linz
Juli bis Dezember 2016


"Naturschauspiel" ist ein Partnerschaftsprojekt der Abteilung Naturschutz, Oberösterreich Tourismus und dem OÖ. Landesmuseum/Biologiezentrum. Zwischen April und Mitte Dezember können flächendeckend in ganz Oberösterreich über 100 verschiedene Naturerlebnisse unter  gebucht werden.



Was ist los ... im Biologiezentrum Linz

Biologiezentrum Linz

Ghupft wia gsprunga - Heuschrecken und ihre Verwandten im Biologiezentrum

14:00 Uhr
Sun, 28. Oct 2018
Biologiezentrum Linz


18:00 Uhr
Mon, 29. Oct 2018



jeweils von 18.00 bis 20.30 Uhr

Schlossmuseum Linz, Landesgalerie Linz, Biologiezentrum Linz

Am 1. November 2018 (Allerheiligen) sind alle Linzer Standorte geschlossen!

Thu, 1. Nov 2018


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