Mühlviertler Schlossmuseum Freistadt

The Mühlviertler Schlossmuseum offers an excellent overview of the culture and history of the city of Freistadt and the lower Mühlviertel, which is illustrated using original objects, such as stone tankards, stone shots and arquebus. The collection also houses materials bearing witness to the history of law, trade and craftsmanship. The customs and financial history collection is housed in its own viewable storage depot. This rounds out and supplements the history of the long-time border region of Mühlviertel.

Additional information on the museum:

Mühlviertler Schlossmuseum Freistadt

The building was built from 1363 to 1397 by the Habsburg Duke Rudolf IV. The chapel dates back to the period after 1400, the keep from the year 1397. The castle was an administrative centre of the region for quite some time. From 1801 to 1924 the castle was used as an army barracks, various administrative bodies have been headquartered here since 1924. The Mühlviertler Schlossmuseum Freistadt – initially under the name of “Heimathaus Freistadt” – has also been located here since 1926. The origin of the museum’s collection was the Freistadt city archive. The castle chapel was adapted as the first exhibition room. The Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum took over the museum’s inventory and management in the early 1950s. The museum work was thus professionalised. The museum currently administers to around 26,000 objects, over 7,900 relevant books and around 10,000 image documents.

Attached to the museum is the customs and financial history collection of the Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum.

A wonderful view of the city and its surrounding areas opens up from the 50 metre high keep. The municipal history, the Mühlviertel’s folklore and historic craftsmanship are presented in the museum rooms. At 35 metres are the impressive corridor and the warder’s room with original furnishings. This was the warder’s workplace. He was the custodian of the city and hence a part of the security system of the medieval city. Temporary exhibitions are held in the portico in the castle’s southern wing.

Around five special exhibitions per year, related tours, special cultural events and the museum’s educational activities are offered to children and youths. Tours for groups from 8 people are possible at any time with prior booking!

Adults: €6

Discounted admission: €4

Children 6 - 15 years old: €1

Families: €8

Special exhibition: €3

Tour: €15


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Was ist los... im Mühlviertler Schlossmuseum Freistadt

Mühlviertler Schlossmuseum Freistadt

Das Jahr 1989 - Entgrenzen: "Die Samtene Revolution"

19:00 Uhr
Fri, 12. Apr 2019

Das Jahr 1989 – Entgrenzen: „Die Samtene Revolution“

Eröffnung: Fr., 12. April 2019, 19.00 Uhr
Ausstellungsdauer: 13. April bis 2. Juni 2019

Kurator: Kurt Cerwenka, Fritz Fellner

Am vorläufigen Endpunkt in der Geschichte der Grenze zwischen dem Mühlviertel und Südböhmen steht die sogenannte “samtene Revolution” (Sametová revoluce) in der Tschechoslowakei und die Grenzöffnung im Jahr 1989. Im Spätherbst des Jahres fanden im ganzen Land Demonstrationen gegen das Regime statt. Durch den Niedergang der politischen Macht in den kommunistischen Bruderstaaten und durch die landesweiten Demonstrationen kam es zu Verhandlungen zwischen dem Bürgerforum und der kommunistischen Partei.


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